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1Stock Hero doesn’t push dope or penny stocks.

Even the author of “Penny Stocks for Dummies” admits 95% of pennies are garbage. Heroes don’t take silly risks with pink-sheet, over-the-counter junk. All Stock Hero companies are excellent but undervalued businesses on track to earn respect from the reputable side of Wall Street.

2Stock Hero picks are always stand-and-deliver companies

They’re real businesses with revenues and assets, real people behind them, capable of grasping the HUGE potential ahead of them You’ll never see crazy ideas like tin mine startups in Nigeria or an IPO on some NFL running back’s future earnings at Stock Hero.

3Stock Hero picks are companies listed on NYSE or Nasdaq exchanges, no pinks or bullies

Heroes keep good company on these blue-chip exchanges-- So when you want to take a profit, you won’t wonder where the buyers went. America’s most stable and liquid exchanges set high standards for honest reporting and regular trading.

4Stock Hero works the “Street” like a pro

The geniuses at places like Gartner Group and Bain Capital get richer and richer because they thoroughly analyze the business before they take a stake in the stock. Expect the same from us. Stock Hero knows that finding great investments means digging deep instead of using simple formulas like Japanese chart patterns, following insiders, or scrounging the market for crazy-low book values.

5Stock Hero never naps on the job

We work so hard to keep you connected to everything our picks are doing, it’s like having your own back-house staff of analysts around to help you stay on target every day. Once we put a company on your radar, we update you on every blip and important development—so you can always feel confident you’re on top of your investment.

Stocks with 381% Potential Gains Delivered 100% FREE to your Inbox. Sign up now!