10 Creative Ways to Save Money


If you need to cut costs, you’ve probably already heard the usual advice about sewing, light bulbs and store-brand products.

Let’s take a look at some of the less conventional ways to save money:


1. Try listening to free radio dramas instead of watching movies. These productions have gained popularity in recent years. You can tune in a public radio show called “L.A. Theatre Works” or search the web for audio drama podcasts.

2. Every month, fill a small container with money for entertainment, recreation, and restaurant meals. This will make it easier to track these expenses and stop spending when you reach your limit.


3. Friends and relatives can help you purchase things in bulk or make the most of “buy two, get one free” sales. You could share the products as well as the cost.

4. Use smartphone software to find local shops and eateries that offer senior, military or student discounts. You can download useful apps for free. A few examples include Military Cost Cutters, Senior Discounts Free, and The University Network.


5. If your home doesn’t have a laundry room or the right plumbing, you can still save some quarters by purchasing a portable washing machine. It will connect to a faucet and drain into your sink or bathtub.

6. You might not need to buy and maintain a costly dryer. Think about using a drying rack in combination with a wood stove, electric fireplace, space heater or fan.


7. Put thermometers in your freezer and refrigerator. If the refrigerator is colder than 37 F or freezer temperatures consistently stay below zero, adjust the controls to achieve a slightly warmer temperature.

8. Prepare for power outages to prevent food from spoiling. Always keep a bag of ice in the freezer. If the weather turns windy, temporarily set this appliance to a lower temperature.


9. Put plastic covers on unused electrical outlets. They’re not only useful for childproofing. Safety covers cut heating, cooling and pest control expenses by sealing rooms more thoroughly.

10. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on a big, heavy vacuum cleaner. Use a basic corded stick vacuum in combination with a simple carpet sweeper. You can thoroughly clean rugs while saving money on bags and electricity.

We hope that these ideas will help you pay bills on time and feed the piggy bank. To learn more about saving cash, please explore our website and bookmark it.