Five Of The Most Promising Publicly Traded Marijuana Stocks

by | Aug 23, 2018 | ADVANCED |

The opinion of many in the industry is that the performance of many marijuana stocks was less positive than expected so far in 2018. Despite this fact, the interest among investors in these stocks is still on the rise.

The reason for this interest is simple to discern. Marijuana stocks possess more potential for growth than most vehicles for investment available to the market.

The following is a quick rundown of five publicly traded marijuana companies for investors in the United States and Canada to consider.

Abattis Bioceuticals Corp

Abattis Bioceuticals is headquartered in Vancouver, B.C. and provides growers with essentials like consulting services, extraction equipment, and cultivation systems. The company was able to raise more than $3 million dollars in 2018 and used a portion of this money to fund a spree of acquisitions. In recent months, Abattis Bioceuticals has acquired fertilizer formulas, a controlling interest in a testing lab for marijuana, and a sizable stake in a company that processes payments.

Novus Acquisition & Development

Novus is a consulting firm that bases its operations in Miami and provides clients that use cannabis as an alternative medical treatment with a savings plan to lessen the cost of treatments.

Clients of Novus pay less than $20 a month to receive substantial discounts on the cost of filling their marijuana prescriptions. A month ago, Novus announced that its Medplan benefits network is immediately available in all states where marijuana use for medical conditions is allowable.

Novus has also hired TKO Organics to grow and dispense the marijuana to be used by Novus clients.

Cannabis Sativa Inc.

Cannabis Sativa is a maker of products and has recently purchased the Kush firm. Kush concentrates its efforts on marijuana research. The former Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson, has been tabbed to be the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company that is now formed as a result of the merger.

Products from Cannabis Sativa are marketed under the name ‘hi’ and the company’s ‘hi lozenges’ are a favorite among customers.

United Cannabis Corp.

United Cannabis has been providing consulting services for companies in the medical marijuana industry since California prescriptions for medical marijuana first became legal in 1999. UC is currently looking to obtain a patent for an extra strength marijuana tablet that the company has produced.

The firm, which is based in Denver, has also obtained a consulting job with the government of Jamaica. The nation is currently deliberating over the pros and cons of decriminalization of marijuana in the country.

Greengro Technologies

Greengro is located in Anaheim, California and was able to raise $875,000 through a private placement in March. The company also purchased Vertical Hydrogarden and reopened the retail location in the month of March. The move is the first of a proposed plan to open a chain of stores.

Greengro is also currently involved in the process of a multi-stage acquisition of a construction company that will be used for future expansion.

Final Thoughts

So far this year, the wildest expectations of some who may have viewed marijuana stocks as a fast track to tremendous wealth have not been realized. However, the five companies listed above, as well as many others in the industry, have shown the performance and possess the growth potential to suggest that the optimism remaining among investors is justified.


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