Measure to Split California into 3 States on November’s Ballot

by | Jun 18, 2018 | NEWS

A measure to split California into three separate entities qualified Tuesday for inclusion on the November 6th ballot.

If voters approve the measure, it will mean the first division of an established state since the creation of West Virginia in 1863.

The plan is to create three states, Northern California which would include San Francisco and Sacramento, Southern California which would consist of land all the way from Fresno to San Diego, and California which would run up the coastline between Los Angeles and Monterey.

In their report on the issue, the Los Angeles Times quoted an email they received from Tim Draper, the Silicon Valley venture capitalist who sponsored the bill, “Three states will get us better infrastructure, better education and lower taxes.”

Of course, even if it passes the vote, the move will face significant challenges – including congressional approval – and will take years to accomplish.

Draper has been trying to split the state for years. He previously proposed six states but was unable to get the measure on the ballot due to unverifiable signatures. This time, he has more than enough.

The split would, according to Draper, significantly improve the situation for citizens who are suffering as a result of the “nearly ungovernable” size of the current state.

According to NPR, “The new ballot measure would create states with roughly equal populations and, compared with the six-state proposal, more comparable income levels. Those changes address many of the concerns that were raised about the fate of less prosperous states in the six-state model.”

Of course, the split would have more than just an economic impact. The electoral votes would be split, which is a cause for concern among Democrats as the state is decidedly Blue. Changing the demographics is a risky move.

Now that the measure is on the ballot, Californians will have the chance to make their voices on the matter heard.

You can read Draper’s entire proposal here.