Can Fast Food Survive the Trend to Healthier Eating?

by | Jun 4, 2018 | NEWS

The food industry is changing faster than just about any other industry out there right now. Consumer demands have changed drastically over the last few years – and grocery, restaurant, and fast food chains are reimagining their brands in order to meet these demands.

While fast food has been a main staple of the average American diet for the last few decades, the trend toward healthier lifestyles and healthier eating has been seen by many as a potential threat to the fast food industry.

According to a recent report by Infinity Research, the fast food industry generates revenues of over $570 billion worldwide.

Many fast food chains have struggled to meet consumer demands for healthier options and seen lower profits than in previous years and in some cases, losses. Others, like Heart Attack Café, capitalize on a small niche and advertise the unhealthy nature of their food, appealing to a market that values flavor, comfort, and convenience over health.

Most successful companies, however, are working toward shifting their menus and their images to accommodate both those who want healthy alternatives and those who want a tasty, greasy burger.

Most burger joints, for example, now offer to wrap that patty in lettuce rather than bread. Pizza chains are offering gluten-free crusts. Salads and wraps are appearing on fast-food menus everywhere. And many chains are advertising fresher and more local ingredients.

In the last few years, fast-casual chains – like Café Rio, Panera, Chipotle, etc. – offering fresher, healthier alternatives have emerged and are doing extremely well.

As more and more Americans make the switch to healthier options, fast food chains will need to accommodate these needs or be swept aside by those who will.

We won’t be seeing the death of fast food anytime soon, but we should expect to see more changes to menus as companies work to meet changing demands.