The best way to keep your monthly finances under control is to find effective ways for paying off debt. The biggest problem with debt is that it has a way of growing without any additional spending. Eventually, you will reach the point where you cannot afford your monthly debt, and the financial obligations will continue to grow.

Paying off debt means:

  • No more interest payments pulling money out of your bank account
  • Owning items free and clear without making monthly payments
  • Being able to put more money into your savings account each month

If you want to pay off debt, you need to adopt responsible and frugal spending habits. Once these habits are part of your every day life, you will find it easier to get away from credit and live without debt.

Stop Using Credit Cards

Growing interest debt will cause your credit card balances to increase each month even if you do not use your cards. But when you stop using your cards, you slow the pace at which interest increases. You need to live within your means and avoid using credit cards. If you want to buy something you cannot initially afford, then save up for it and buy it in cash.

Cut Back On Expenses

Frugal living means buying only what you need and not what you want. As you go through your month, take a notebook with you and make a note of every purchase you make. At the end of the month, review your purchases and determine where you can cut back on expenses. For example, if you spend $20 per day on coffee in the morning and lunch at work, then you can cut down on nearly $600 per month in unnecessary spending by drinking coffee at home and bringing a lunch.

Start A Budget

A monthly budget will show you exactly where your money goes and help you to live within your means. You can create a simple spreadsheet program that lists all of your monthly bills and expenses, and compares them to your monthly income. Not only will you start paying your bills on time because your budget will help you keep track, but you can continue to find ways to reduce expenses.

Once you start using frugal rules to live, you will see your bank account grow and enjoy having extra cash each month. You can apply that extra cash towards paying down your credit cards and eliminating your debt. All it takes is a monthly budget and the determination to continually lower your expenses to get your debt under control.