5 Renewable Energy Stocks That Are Doing Really Well in the Market


Renewable energy is a topic which has hit the headlines a lot lately because most people now see the need to have a sustainable environment. Companies that have invested in the creation of renewable energy have consequently been doing very well financially. Most of those whose shares are listed in the stock exchange are successful and giving high dividends to their investors. If you are looking for great stocks to invest in, consider one or more of these five renewable energy stocks.

Brookfield Renewable

Brookfield Asset Management (NYSE: BAM) is one of the largest investors in renewable energy on the planet. The company owns a controlling interest in two businesses – Terraform Power and Brookfield Renewable Partners. The parent company has been controlling these companies in a manner which has yielded a lot of profit and dividends for its subsidiaries. The difference between this company and the many others in its field is that it does not rely on its shares to help in the funding of acquisitions. Instead, it strives for organic growth. Their yield stands at 6.9 percent, and all facts indicate that this company is getting stronger.

NRG Energy

This is the company that is credited with bringing the renewable energy industry into the mainstream. NRG Energy (NYSE: NRG) is a little unique because it owns a combination of renewable energy assets as well as fossil fuel assets. The company also boasts a dual class structure, which includes class A and Class C shares. The class A shares are growing at 6.6 percent while the class C shares are at 6.4 percent. This is one of the best companies to invest in. It is the oldest and the most stable YieldCo in the market.

Pattern Energy

Pattern Energy group (NASDAQ: PEGI) harnesses wind energy. They already have 2700 in their portfolio. The growth of the company has been fueled mainly by third party acquisitions as well as the development of their own projects. Their current yield stands at 9.4 percent, which is arguably the highest for renewable energy stocks.

Carnegie Clean Energy

Carnegie (ASX: CCE) harnesses the kinetic energy found in ocean waves to create power. The company proved their worth when they were able to fuel the naval base at Garden Island. The company is investing in other forms of alternative energy as well, which is helping them build their profits. Their yield has been above 5 percent for a number of years now.

Questor Technology

Questor Technology (TSXV: QST.V) is one renewable energy stock which proves that you don’t have to be rich to invest in this sector. Their share price in the market opened at less than 5 dollars. Their yield has stayed above 5 percent for a couple of years now.

These are five companies to look for when investing in renewable energy stocks. The discussion on clean energy is gaining momentum, meaning that if you invest here, the profit margins will be high.