Which IoT Companies Should I Invest In?

Which IoT Companies Should I Invest In?

Despite the unforeseeable volatility of semiconductor stocks, the business that underlies the semiconductor industry is getting bigger. IoT allows everyday devices to be connected to the internet. Smart speakers are an example of an IoT product. The demand for microchips powering IoT devices will keep growing. This will be beneficial for semiconductor companies focusing on IoT products.

In 2018, IoT growth can benefit the six IoT companies listed below.

Cree (CREE)

Cree (NASDAQ: CREE) is a semiconductor manufacturer known for its SmartCast Technology. It is ranked #2 by Zacks among “Buy” stocks. The company’s stock has bullish signs since December 2017. Share prices have increased by over 10% in the last four weeks. Cree’s yearly EPS projections improved by about 36% in the previous quarter. Since 2017, Cree has outperformed Standard & Poor’s 500 by 76.11%

Cypress Semiconductor (CY)

Cypress (NASDAQ: CY) provides high-performing integrated circuits. Its WICED platform is a big IoT portfolio in the semiconductor industry. The firm paid $550 million for the acquisition of Broadcom’s IoT business.

Cypress’s stock is ranked #1 by Zacks in the “Strong Buy” category. This stock’s respective PE ratio is 17.3. The PEG ratio is 1.1. For now, the company’s projected earnings growth is greater than 16%. Cypress has a current dividend yield of 2.5%.

Intel (INTC)

Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) is globally known as a leading IoT business. This company’s stock is attractive because it has been broadly exposed to IoT and is extremely cheap. Intel has shifted from the PC market to the data market. Intel’s IoT solutions are useful in the auto, industrial, and retail sectors.

INTC carries a Zack’s Ranking #2 among “buy” stocks. Intel has very good financial health because it generates nearly $3.62 cash per share. The firm’s average net margin is 15%. Intel exceeded its earnings estimates by approximately 26%. Intel’s dividend yield is 2.7%.

ON Semiconductor (ON)

ON (NASDAQ: ON) is a manufacturer of PMICs and commodity ICs. The company began creating an IoT division. ON is ranked #2 by Zack’s among “Buy” stocks. The firm expects to announce an EPS growth rate of 86% in Q2 of 2018 and 11% for the entire twelvemonth. ON trades at a PE ratio of 12.23 and a price-sales ratio of 1.62.

Texas Instruments (TXN)

Beside manufacturing calculators, Texas Instruments (NASDAQ: TXN) supplies sophisticated semiconductors. Texas Instrument’s IoT profile belongs to the Embedded Processors division. In the trailing quarter, TXN’s Embedded Processors division had a YOY growth rate of 20%. TXN’s stock has a PE ratio of 20 and a PEG ratio of 2.11. As of now, Texas Instruments holds Zacks Rank #2 among “Buy” stocks.

Vishay Intertechnology (VSH)

Vishay Intertechnology (NYSE: VSH) is an American company that manufactures and supplies discrete semiconductors. Vishay’s earnings are expected to grow by 24.5% in 2018. The company’s forecasted revenue increase in 2018 is 15.5%. VSH is a good buy since it has a PE ratio of 13.7 and a PEG ratio of 2.3. Share prices increased 14% within the last month.

The most profitable companies in the IoT market are the ones developing the technology powering IoT products. Investors can benefit from the rising IoT tech market by finding companies making an investment in IoT.


3 Strong IoT Stocks to Buy NOW

3 Strong IoT Stocks to Buy NOW

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a rapidly evolving branch of technology that involves anything connected to the Internet. This includes wearable technology, industrial machinery, and your home’s refrigerator. The companies that are innovating in this growing field are starting to become very prominent on the exchanges. If you are an investor interested in getting involved in a new field that is growing rapidly, then you will want to take a look at these three IoT stocks.

Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR) is an up and coming manufacturer of the modules and chips that are found in an increasing number of IoT devices. You will find Sierra parts in everything from wearable cameras to the technological infrastructure of a smart city.

The hardware side of Sierra has been struggling a bit along with many other top OEM manufacturers, but the reason Sierra makes this list is its bright future in IoT services. Not many companies are laying the foundation for strong IoT services, but Sierra boosted its services revenue to $22.5 million during the first three months of 2018.

While IoT investors are always looking for the next great equipment innovator, there will also be a strong need for a services company as well. The IoT services offering of Sierra is still in its infancy, but it is growing rapidly and working to make Sierra Wireless a leader in intangible revenue for the IoT sector.

Vishay Intertechnology

Vishay Technologies (NYSE: VSH) has become an expert at designing and manufacturing the semiconductors needed to help perpetuate the IoT. The company is known for innovating semiconductor designs that meet size requirements most other manufacturers cannot match.

Vishay is also known for its business savvy as it does not limit itself in terms of clients. You will find Vishay semiconductors in products ranging from biomedical monitors to household appliances.

In 2018, the company is expected to see an earnings boost of around 24.5 percent. This earnings increase, along with a 14 percent increase in stock sales, shows the signs of creating momentum that would be worth investing in.

Skyworks Solutions

Skyworks Solutions (NASDAQ: SWKS) is one of the few veteran technology companies that is starting to successfully transition to the IoT field. Skyworks makes semiconductors for Apple and Samsung smartphone products. The company has already found success in that part of the semiconductor world, but now it is also starting to move into the IoT.

Skyworks is getting involved in self-driving cars and the growing need for Internet connectivity with cars. The company says it expects to see 33 million self-driving cars on the road by 2040, and Skyworks wants to be at the forefront of the IoT technology that all of these cars will have.

There are many companies that are finding niches in the rapidly growing world of IoT technology. Investors will want to keep their eyes on the new companies that are filling early needs and the successful companies that are looking to be part of the Internet’s future.


Stocks with High Growth Potential

Stocks with High Growth Potential

Many investors buy securities with stock growth potential in mind. And indeed, for many folks, a well-constructed growth stock portfolio has served them well and provided for a bright financial future. But which stocks have the best growth potential? How does one find the best growth stocks with the immense universe of issues on the market? Let’s examine these questions and look for some names with the possibility for outsized gains going forward.

Factors that Propel Growth Stocks

Stocks with high growth potential often share common characteristics, though they may be in widely different industries. They all have the potential for huge profits and high cash flows, they may have a product line protected by an “economic moat” from other competition, they often capitalize on changing demographic or regulatory trends, and they are multidimensional and can pivot as opportunity evolves. Commonly, these are smaller firms in the early stages of their life cycle.

Some Picks from Motley Fool

A recent article by Brian Stoeffel recently appeared in the Motley Fool highlighting five monster stocks for 2018. Let’s highlight these issues and examine what “The Fool” says about them:

Shopify (SHOP)

Shopify bills itself as an ecommerce platform that has everything needed to sell online, on social media, or in person. It backs this up with over has over 500,000 merchant clients. App developers are flocking to these half-million merchants, which brings even more merchants – and revenue -to Shopify

Paycom (PAYC)

Paycom has demonstrated its ability to evolve, growing beyond payroll services to now provide a large spectrum of human-resource services. Its free cash flow of $62 million indicate the health of this firm

Bitauto (BITA)

This Chinese company originally began as designer of virtual stores for Chinese consumers. It has demonstrated its ability to adapt as it has also become a leading provider of transaction services.

Axon (AAXN)

Axon is the manufacturer of TASERS, the nonlethal stun-guns used world-wide in law enforcement. Thanks to the TASER brand, AAXN is in the catbird’s seat, and its high switching costs keep customers onboard.

Ellie Mae (ELLI)

With zero debt and a number of key acquisitions, this mortgage company has thrived on making the mortgage application and purchase process as seamless as possible.

These are but a few samples of names with the potential for very high growth and large shareholder returns. See if they might fit into your portfolio.